As always, August and December have no meetings at the Veteran's Hall.

September 8th our guest speaker is from Amador County Sheriff's office talking about our new gun laws.

The Amador County District 3 Community Council serves as a safe place for neighbors to meet, talk and enjoy the community together. We are officially recognized by the Amador County Board of Supervisors and aim to be a voice for our residents.

As our neighborhoods in District 3 are ever changing, we want to make sure our neighborhoods are a welcoming, nonpartisan place for all who are living and contributing to this beautiful place.

Every month we invite relevant, interesting Guest Speakers who provide wonderful presentations on matters that affect our lives and that help keep us informed and safe. 

Regular speakers every month are from Amador Fire Protection, Amador Water Agency, Transportation, Highway 88 Safety Committee, Amador Planning Commission and our District 3 Supervisor.

We want to know you, listen to you and for you to have this chance, monthly to meet your neighbors, stay informed and contribute your concerns and accolades. 

Join us at the Veterans Hall on Buckhorn Ridge Rd, the second Monday of the month (excluding August and December) at 6pm.  Come early at 5:00, as we set up, start the coffee, and set out refreshments and goodies. Meet your neighbors, your D3 Supervisor and D3CC Chair, Jeff Brown and current Board Members D3CC Vice Chair, Judie Najarian and D3CC Secretary, Suzanne Brown.